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By: Mohammad Rajabally | January 3o, 2019

Man that is stressed out

If you are under stress and wake up having a headache or even jaw pain you may have a habit called Bruxism.  Bruxism is a medical term for when you grind your teeth or clench or thrust your jaw forward over and over again.  While bruxism usually occurs during sleep, people may also grind or clench their teeth unconsciously during the day as well. 

Bruxism can cause teeth to break or crack; needless to say this can have an drastic affect on your oral health. The American Dental Association cited that "adults are not the only ones affected. Studies have found that this can be a problem in children as young as preschool aged."

The average bite is about 250 pounds per square inch and if a stressful person sleeps for 5-6 hours clenching you can imagine the amount of pressure being put on the jaws, the facial muscles and the teeth themselves. 

The feeling of the  facial muscles being soar and tired upon waking up should not be ignored.  A simple visit to your dentist will confirm your clinching behavior and your dentist can initiate treatment right away.


Contact us if you experience the following signs:

  • jaw pain

  • facial soreness upon awakening  

  • headaches when you wake up

  • teeth sensitivity to hot or cold drinks or food

  • chipped teeth or fillings

Serious complication can be fracture of a tooth beyond repair in which case the tooth will have to be removed and replaced by implant or bridge work.


You can request an appointment or give us a call at 510 657 5510 if you think you are clenching or grinding we will be glad to give you a free consultation.

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