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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some commonly asked questions.  We recommend you read through them, but don't hesitate to contact us if you don't see your answer below. 

1) Do you accept Medi-cal ?

    Yes, we accept Medi-cal please call for an appointment


2) What insurance do you accept ? 

     We accept all PPOs and also discount card  

3) Do you do braces ? 

    Yes, please call us for an appointment or visit our services section for more information


4) Do you do implants and how much does it cost ? 

     Yes, we do please make an appointment for a free consultation


5) Do you treat children? What is the minimum age ?

     Yes, we see children as young as 3yrs old 

6) Do you use gas ?

     No, we don't use gas. 

7) Do you have payment plan ?

     Yes, we do have convenient payment plan with Care Credit and also in house plan.

8) What do you charge for a consultation ? 

     We gladly provide FREE consultation please call or make an appointment online


9) Are the Doctors specialists like oral surgeons ? 

    No,  the Drs are not specialist but they are highly experienced general dentists


10 ) How long have the Drs been in practice ?

        Doctors have been at the practice for over 20 years

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