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What Are Fast Braces?

By: Mohammad Rajabally | October 3 2018

Fast Braces is the original fast and safe braces system developed by Dallas orthodontist Dr. Antony Viazis about 20 yrs ago.  His goal was to develop a technology that would take much less time than conventional braces.  So with safety in mind Dr Viazis invented the Fast Braces system that could straighten teeth differently than conventional braces thus allowing for a fast, safe and affordable  solution.

Old  braces are usually square in shape and typically move the crown of the tooth( the visible part of the tooth in the mouth ) in the first year of treatment  and then in the second year of treatment the root of the tooth will be moved  requiring at least 2 years of braces treatment with different multiple wires.

The patented triangular design of the braces used at Fast Braces gently allows for movement of both the crown and root of the tooth at the same time from the beginning of treatment with only one and same wire thus requiring one year of treatment instead of two. Because the length of treatment is shortened and the number of visits is reduced the price is subsequently much less saving you lot of money and time.

The wire used in Fast Braces  technique is a special square  Nickel -Titanium wire . The wire is activated  by the heat of the mouth and it uprights the whole tooth using a low gentle force. Teeth are thus moved in a safe, quick  and comfortable manner. Fast Braces cases are generally treated without extraction of any existing tooth .Treatment with Fast Braces can be performed by general dentists who are not specialist as long as they have been successfully trained by Fast  Braces .


 Fast Braces Technologies is a true American original that is now being practiced in almost 50 countries around the world from Europe to Asia and Africa.

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